A creative journey for all ages

Open up creative space in your home and rediscover your creative spirit.

In this course, you will discover the healing benefits of creativity through a daily ritual of mandala making. The course is designed for parents and children and everyone in your home to experience the joy of creativity together or you can take this journey alone to explore your relationship with your creative self.

The course includes 10 projects which can be done over ten days or at your own pace over a longer time. This is an ideal starter course for everyone as no previous art experience is required. You will learn a wide range of exciting art techniques using accessible materials. These techniques provide a toolkit for artmaking and creative exploration for life. You will also receive guidance to help free yourself in the creative process and some important advice for artmaking with children. You will be guided in the process through engaging visual content and inspiring videos, inviting you to experience the magic of creativity.

Watch Intro Video

Watch Video

Course outline

  • 1

    A Warm Welcome

    • Welcome to ASTAR

    • Unlocking creativity in a time of lockdown

  • 2

    Guidance on the Journey

    • The ASTAR Ethos

    • Artmaking with Children

    • Mandala Making

    • Materials Needed

  • 3

    Mandala Inspiration

    • The Magic of Mandalas

    • Open your Eyes

  • 4

    10 Creative Projects

    • 1 ~ Found Around

    • 2 ~ Invisible made Visible

    • 3 ~ Light Magic

    • 4 ~ Paint & Print

    • 5 ~ Hidden Colours

    • 6 ~ Nature's Palette

    • 7 ~ Resist & Flow

    • 8 ~ Sticks & Stains

    • 9 ~ Beneath the Surface

    • 10 ~ Mix & Merge

  • Lifetime access
    Buy this course once and have it for life.

  • Flexible timing
    There is no starting or ending time so you can create whenever it suits you.

  • For all ages and no previous art experience required
    This course is designed for everyone to enjoy ~ children and adults alike.

  • Rich learning
    Learn a wide range of art techniques through engaging video material.

Pricing Options

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South African Access Price ~ R580

As a South African based project, we are happy to be able to offer a local price. We accept all major payment methods with all SA banks through a secure online system. Please note that due to this system of payment, some administration time is required before we can enroll you. We will try to enroll you as quickly as possible, and you should have full access within 48 hours. 


International Instant Access Price ~ $62

This is our standard international fee, granting you instant access to begin the course as soon as you pay and sign up. Payments are secure and are made through PayPal.


Concessions are available for schools, institutions and individuals on enquiry.

Please email us and we hope to be able to help.