Experience intuitive image-making for insight, healing and guidance in your life.

In this course you will explore art processes which bypass the thinking mind and draw on the don’t-think mind, tapping into your intuition and inner wisdom. You will be guided to express your feelings non-verbally and to tune into the collective unconscious to make the invisible, visible. While the practice is essentially non-verbal, you will have the opportunity to let symbols speak and to access soul guidance by downloading messages through your artworks.

You will use intuitive collage, responding spontaneously to the magnetic power of found images as a way of ‘seeing and knowing’, without thinking or analysing. You will learn how to integrate these images into unique artworks using a range of collaging techniques and mixed media. The act of physical integration in the artmaking process helps with psychic integration and significant energetic shifts are often felt during and after these simple healing art processes. The integrated artworks are medicine for the heart and soul and the beneficial healing effects of these images are often felt even more deeply over time.

You can enjoy these much loved art processes again and again as a regular creative practice for emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and you can also use them for focused guidance to navigate your way through challenging times in your life.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to ASTAR

    • Welcome to Inner Sight

    • The ASTAR Ethos

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Materials

    • Creating Space

    • Sharing & Support

  • 3

    Intuitive Collaging Techniques

    • Composition Methods

    • Mixed Media Techniques

    • Demo Video

  • 4

    Soul Collage

    • Soul Collage Introduction

    • Soul Collage Meditation

    • Soul Collage Process

    • Soul Collage Reflection

    • Soul Collage Sharing

  • 5

    Healing Invocation

    • Healing Invocation Introduction

    • Healing Invocation Meditation

    • Healing Invocation Process

    • Healing Invocation Reflection

    • Healing Invocation Sharing

  • 6

    Holding Polarities

    • Holding Polarities Introduction

    • Holding Polarities Process

    • Holding Polarities Reflection

    • Holding Polarities Sharing

  • 7

    Open-Eye Dreaming

    • Open-Eye Dreaming Introduction

    • Open-Eye Dreaming Meditation

    • Open-Eye Dreaming Process

    • Open-Eye Dreaming Reflection

    • Open-Eye Dreaming Sharing

  • 8

    Paper Prayers

    • Paper Prayers Introduction

    • Paper Prayers Meditation

    • Paper Prayers Process

    • Paper Prayers Reflection

    • Paper Prayers Sharing

  • 9

    Envisioning Intention

    • Envisioning Intention Introduction

    • Envisioning Intention Part 1

    • Envisioning Intention Part 2

    • Envisioning Intention Part 3

    • Envisioning Intention Sharing

  • 10


    • The way forward

This course includes six art processes exploring soul collages to access higher guidance; tapping into body wisdom to create a healing invocation; expressing and integrating emotional polarities to find balance and wholeness; tuning into symbols and messages from the collective unconscious through open-eye dreaming; expressing compassion and gratitude through paper prayers; and harnessing the magnetic power of art by creating an artwork that expresses a clear intention for personal growth and transformation.

You will be clearly guided through a series of audios for each project, including a focusing meditation, guidelines for the artmaking process, and a reflection process. You will learn a variety of creative skills for working with collage and for mixed media integration through visual imagery and video.
  • Lifetime access
    Buy this course once and have it for life. This is an art medicine kit to use for life.

  • Flexible timing
    There is no starting or ending time so you can create whenever it suits you.

  • For all levels of art experience
    This course is designed for artists and beginners alike.

  • Rich multimedia learning
    This creative journey contains audio, video, written and visual content.


~ See what participants say about this course ~

A gift of healing & insight

– Carolyn

“Both powerful and subtle, these varied collage art processes offer an extraordinary gift of healing and insight. The alchemy of integration is present in each process as the magic of chance and intention weave together in the creative process. Each artwork becomes a vignette evocative of the process while together they form a multi-faceted mosaic resonant with personal meaning and deepened awareness.“

Pure Magic!

– Tina

“These simple and profound collage processes activated a portal inside me that allowed me to access deep places that I otherwise would have struggled to find. It was pure Magic!”

A Sacred Space

– Lore

“Thank you Lindy for holding such a Sacred Space. I feel so blessed to have found this gently guided creative expression.”

A turning point in my life

– Amy

“This has been totally opening and like coming home. This has been such an incredible process, a turning point in my life."

Your healing voice

– Gillian

"I look forward every day to listening to your voice, Lindy. It is clear, warm, soft and calming and is very much part of these healing art processes. I absolutely loved this creative journey.”

A life saver

– Cecily

“This process has been a life saver for me at a time when my spirits have been at their lowest ebb and emotions raw. Thank you can never be enough.”

A nurturing balm

– Trilby

“This has been a powerful experience for me as I navigate these uncertain times. Thank you Lindy, I feel like a nurturing balm has embraced and gently stroked my body, mind and soul.”

Visual medicine

– Mignon

“This process holds a safe sane space for me. I find it so incredibly valuable to process my world non-verbally and create visual medicine for myself.”

An authentic & deep journey

– Sue

“Wow! What a process. Thank you, thank you. I feel lighter, focused, energised, awakened. Thank you for holding us and guiding us on this authentic and deep journey with you. Such a magnificent gift for all who are lucky enough to do it.“

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