Immerse yourself in the full spectrum of colour to balance your energy and revitalise your being.

This course is a unique opportunity to experience the healing power of colour as we immerse in each colour of the spectrum to feel its particular vibration, energy and emotional quality for us personally and then express this through artmaking. Some have described this course as an energetic rinse as we awaken the seven chakras or energy centres in the body through full colour immersion.

You will be guided through an embodied sensorial journey with visualisation, movement, smells and tastes and you will be invited to wear each colour to feel its energy more fully. You will also have the chance to set up personal colour altars thereby bringing the healing benefits of colour into your home.
In each art process, you are invited to use any materials and media of your choice such as collage, mixed media, painting, sculpture or land art. As we focus on each colour separately, you will discover a vast nuanced range of tones and hues and you will learn valuable colour mixing skills. Through this experience, you will also deepen your understanding of the role and effect that each colour has in artmaking.

After exploring each colour, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your creative process and your relationship with that colour in your life and you will receive input about colour healing. This journey will inspire you to include the full spectrum of colour in your life for balance and healing.

It is best to experience this course in a rhythmic way such as one colour per week (or every second week) so that you can feel the wholistic healing effects in your entire being. To encourage this ongoing journey, you will receive one session per week over eight weeks. You will also have lifelong access to the course material so you can begin anytime and go at your own pace. You can also revisit the visualisations and creative processes when you need to revitalise your energy and balance your emotions and energy field in the future.


~ See what participants say about this course ~

Very deep work

– Sarah

"The colour energy course was very deep work. Each colour had its own texture, emotional response, evolution and polarity. I was struck by the depth of the emotional spectrum of each colour and the subtle nuances that emerged. I feel the opening and melting of ossified emotions in my own life and am so thankful for the opportunity to cultivate inspiration, passion and creativity."

A thorough and deep immersion

– Angela

"Thank you for the gift of this course which was a thorough and deep immersion. I loved the progress of evolution through the chakras and colours. With this came a grounding and opening to Spirit. I experienced the importance of each – we can’t reach the heights of radiant purple and ethereal white without being grounded, rooted and connected to our roots, mothers and lineage."

An exquisitely crafted and balanced offering

– Carolyn

"I loved the colour mixing – one never stops learning about the subtleties and endless range of hues and contrasts and I found the colour spectrum fascinating as it feels to me that it’s a transition from the viscerally felt embodied colour experiences of the red, orange, yellow and green spectrums to the less embodied mind and spirit strata. Each week brought an immersion in something far beyond the naming of a colour. It brought heightened awareness and sensitivity to both the visual ranges and variations as well as to the etheric qualities and meanings inherent as presences and resonances in our lives. This course is an exquisitely crafted and balanced offering."

Inspired by Nature’s palette

– Gayle

"I loved focusing on the intensity of one colour and its myriad of hues in my creative work. I noticed this particularly in the land art where I became so aware of the exquisite blending of shades in leaves and felt so inspired by Nature’s palette."

The most beautiful and rewarding process

– Cecily

"Each week of gathering of colour from every forgotten corner of the house and garden and setting up an altar in my studio was the most beautiful and rewarding process. Then having this saturated blast of one colour in front of me all week was inspiring and healing and comforting. Pure joy for a whole week before the colour wheel turned!"

At the heart of my home

– Roelien

"The altar stood between the lounge and the kitchen and my kitchen was converted into a temporary studio. It was as if it had become a living breathing organism at the heart of my home. The colour energy course helped me to stay connected to my feelings and provided a container and a funnel for really ‘working’ with the feelings in a time of grief. Such a gift."

Their own little altars

– Sarah

"My colour artworks are each their own little altars. The purple one is going into my bathroom as a meditative space. The yellow one has a shelf in my study for moments of energetic focus. The green I might hide away until I need a good cry! The white painting of my dream will be with me in my bedroom. And the red…. I am finding so inspiring. It was the most instinctive for me, done with my hands only, very quickly and it’s a bold expressive loose style that I yearn to engage more with in my art. So that is another gift!"

A deep process

– Tina

"This beautiful course was a deep process of working through guilt, wounds, jealousy, sadness, anger, resentment, shame, recklessness, control, surrender, generosity, grace, love, receptivity, wonder, magic, curiosity, sanctity, freedom and LIBERATION!"

A truly magical and sacred journey

– Debbie

"I feel that before this course, I didn’t have a relationship with all the colours because I didn’t know them. Searching for items for each altar starts a truly beautiful and surprising journey into the Self, other and Nature and ultimately with the colour itself. The sometimes difficult or challenging aspects of the colour resonated deeply with my own personal place in time which was meaningful, healing and awakening. Thank you for a truly magical and sacred journey."

Course overview

  • 1

    The ASTAR Approach

    • Welcome to ASTAR

    • The ASTAR Ethos

    • Creating Space

    • Sharing & Support

  • 2

    Welcome to The Colour Energy Course

    • Welcome to Colour Energy

    • Materials

  • 3

    The Colour Wheel

    • The Colour Wheel

  • 4


    • Creating a Red Altar

    • Welcome to Red

    • Red Meditation

    • Red Creative Process

    • Red Painting Tips

    • Red Reflection

    • Red for Colour Healing

    • Red Sharing

  • 5


    • Creating an Orange Altar

    • Welcome to Orange

    • Orange Meditation

    • Orange Creative Process

    • Orange Painting Tips

    • Orange Reflection

    • Orange for Colour Healing

    • Orange Sharing

  • 6


    • Creating a Yellow Altar

    • Welcome to Yellow

    • Yellow Meditation

    • Yellow Creative Process

    • Yellow Painting Tips

    • Yellow Reflection

    • Yellow for Colour Healing

    • Yellow Sharing

  • 7


    • Creating a Green Altar

    • Welcome to Green

    • Green Meditation

    • Green Creative Process

    • Green Painting Tips

    • Green Reflection

    • Green for Colour Healing

    • Green Sharing

  • 8


    • Creating a Blue Altar

    • Welcome to Blue

    • Blue Meditation

    • Blue Creative Process

    • Blue Painting Tips

    • Blue Reflection

    • Blue for Colour Healing

    • Blue Sharing

  • 9


    • Creating a Violet Altar

    • Welcome to Violet

    • Violet Meditation

    • Violet Creative Process

    • Violet Painting Tips

    • Violet Reflection

    • Violet for Colour Healing

    • Violet Sharing

  • 10


    • Creating a White Altar

    • Welcome to White

    • White Meditation

    • White Creative Process

    • White Painting Tips

    • White Reflection

    • White for Colour Healing

    • White Sharing

  • 11


    • Final Reflection

    • Final Reflection Sharing

    • The way forward

  • Lifetime access
    Buy this course once and have it for life. These processes can be used again and again to revitalise your being.

  • Flexible timing
    There is no starting or ending time so you can create whenever it suits you.

  • For all levels of art experience
    This course is designed for artists and beginners alike.

  • Rich multimedia learning
    This creative journey contains audio, written and visual content.

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